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How to stop downloading fake apps on your smartphone.


How to stop downloading fake apps on your smartphone.


Quite often a lot of people end of downloading fake versions of 
Downloading fake apps can lead to serve consequences from harming your phone to your private information falling into wrong hands and it is essential that you download only the genuine apps

However fake apps are always around the corner and here we tell you how to avoid downloading fake apps and prevent malicious software residing in your smartphone.


Everytime download from official app stores

Convert me always download apps from official store only . You might the option to download apps from other places but avoid them as much as you can . Stick 2 official app store and of getting fake apps reduce drastically.


Read  always the apps descriptions

See  many spelling mistakes or grammatical errors? Well, that is a Red flag for a Fake apps. A trusted developer in all likelihood will not make this mistake as an app which gets it basic description wrong is likely to be a fake one.


Try visiting the website of the app developer are read about them in the app store description. Before downloading an App, it is always a good idea to know about the developer.


Check number of downloads

This is a good indicator of whether the app is genuine or fake. If the number of downloads is on the higher side then it is unlikely that a large number of people have been scammed.

Do keep in mind that the above points are not completely full proof however it is better to follow them then just download any aP blindly or an impulse.

How to track your lost android phone using google Map 2018

How to track your lost Android smartphone using google Maps.

Have you ever reached into your pocket to pull out your phone and realised that your phone is missing. it is that moment when that sinking feeling kick in and you start thinking of the worst.
You can now track the location of your device in the form of a timeline. Wondering how? Just simply follow these steps below.


Step 1- any other smartphone or PC with internet connectivity login ID and password of your Google account.

step 2- open www.maps.google.co.in on any smartphone or PC.

Step 3- login using the Google account linked to your lost / misplaced smartphone.

step 4 – now click or tap on the three horizontal bar icon on the top right corner.

step 5 – your timeline option.

Step 6 – here you need to enter the year month and day for which you want to see the location of your device.

Step 7 – maps will now so you the location history of your device along with the current location.

Note for the feature to work properly your device must be switched ON and must have the location services turned on.

Facebook takes strict for against fake accounts

Facebook takes strict for against fake accounts-


The world largest social media network Facebook on friday took measure to make it more difficult to run fake or compromised accounts on its platform as it demanded authorization from its users who have a large number of followers in the us.

“today we are introducing page publishing authorization staring with pepole that manage a page with large audience in the us ,”Facebook said.

The new measure will ask administractor of Facebook pages to secure their account with two factor authentication and conform their primary home location.